About Us

Sally has learnt her trade from various different and brilliant repairers. She has and continues to do repair work for many shops, schools and teachers, along with her favourite type of work from enthusiastic players from beginners to professionals. Sally has also done a lot of work for flute bands in Northern Ireland.

Sally at Flute Fix

Sally is very proud that her work comes mainly from recommendations and it's a real testimony to her great skills and passion she has for repairing woodwind instruments. There is nothing more satisfying for Sally than returning a woodwind instrument back to it's former glory which was once in a terrible condition.

Sally's work covers all areas from repairs to regulation and adjustment. Complete overhauls including re-soldering bits back on, to straightening bent flutes. No job is too large or too small.

So if your instrument just needs checking over before an exam or concert, or someone has sat on it, or it just needs a complete overhaul, Sally is the one to contact.

This photo shows Sally's trade stand at the 2008 Flute Convention at the RNCM, Manchester. Sally having taken her tools along carried out many on the spot repairs including William Bennet's just before he went on stage. Sally enjoyed her day but didn't get much of an opportunity to watch the concerts as she was just far too busy. Sally hopes to attend many more conventions in the future.