Flute Fix Repairs & Maintenance

Regulation and adjustment (Setup to good playing order)

This requires different levels of attention depending upon the quality of the instrument. As a general rule, the more expensive the instrument, the more delicate and time consuming the adjustments will be, the procedures for the various different flutes are as follows:

Flute Fix Repairs & MaintenanceStudent Flutes

Re-alignment of keywork where necessary
Some shimming of pads to ensure the instrument is airtight
Adjustment of mechanism screws and cork or felts

Upgraded & Advanced Flutes

Some key realignment
Shimming of pads
Regulation of keywork by screws and / or cork / felt accordingly

Conservatory and Handmade Flutes

Shimming of Pads
Adjust mechanism with cork/felt/paper/leather as appropriate

Prices start from £45


This procedure should be carried out every one to two years, depending upon how often the instrument is used and how well it has been cared for. Regular servicing will keep your instrument in top playing condition and prolong its life.

Flute Fix Repairs & MaintenanceIn addition to all the procedures outlined in Regulation and Adjustment above, this comprises of the following:

Complete strip down of all parts
Thorough clean and polish of all parts
Removal of any small dents
Re-oil keywork
Re-Tension springs & joints
Replace any damaged pads or felts/corks

Prices start from £85

Complete Overhaul

Pads have a life span of about five to ten years, (depending upon use and care), before they need replacing. An overhaul will restore your instrument as close to new condition as possible. In addition to all the procedures listed in a service the following procedures are all carried out:

Removal of any excessive keywork mechanism movement
De-pin and re-oil keywork mechanism
Replace all pads
Replace all tail felts/corks and headjoint tuning cork

Prices start from £150

Straughbinger Pads

I can re pad flutes that have Straughbinger pads.

Prices start from £300

Extra Work

Heavy tarnish removal
Removal of serious dents
Fitting of new joints
Spring replacement
Re-corking Joints
Re-stringing joints
Repairing cracks to wood

Prices available upon application