Here are just a few examples of some of Sally's work.

Here are some pictures of a Rudall Carte 1867 that I had in for a complete overhaul. It's in beautiful condition, no cracks in the wood it's also rare as it has a B footjoint.

Bought for £50 years ago then put away as it did not play! Now worth about £4000! It has a open G# and 2 thumb keys to play B and Bb and a open D.

It was very difficult to repair as it had no adjusting screws and the mechanism was completely different to the normal Boham system. It now plays beautifully. Thank you Kate for trusting me with such a beautiful instrument.

Rudall Carte 1867Rudall Carte 1867Rudall Carte 1867Rudall Carte 1867

This is a G. Howarth Radcliffe model dating from about 1860. The G# had been turned into an open G# by soldering an arm to the G key and splitting the G keys, then soldering an E mech on. Sally skillfully removed the extra bits returning the key to a closed G# and re-soldered the G keys back together. The A key was so worn Sally had to reinforce it. It had also snapped at the Y arm. There were various other bits to solder back together as well. Sally also made a new headjoint ring.After all the repairs it was just as challenging to get the it to play again as the mechanism was very complicated and needed to be exactly right. When it was finally finished it was taken back to Howarths of London for an exhibition.

G. Howarth Radcliffe model dating from about 1860G. Howarth Radcliffe model dating from about 1860

Rudall Carte Piccolo pattern model dating from about 1867This is a Rudall Carte Piccolo pattern model dating from about 1867. A Beautiful Piccolo in need of a complete overhaul plus the weak springs needed replacing. Again quite a complicated mechanism to adjust.

This is a Mateki used proffesionally and is quite common of the type of work that Sally comes across. The Mateki came up well after a overhaul which it was badly in need of.

This is a student model flute from a school, which had been used and abused. It had a big dent in the headjoint and the body was bent probably from having been sat upon at some point? But Sally soon had it looking as good as new again. (Pictures 3 (before) & 4 (after))

Flute Fix MatekiFlute Fix MatekiStudent Model Flute BeforeStudent Model Flute After

old Alexandre clarientThis is an old Alexandre clarient which seriously needed a major overhaul and also had a piece of the tenon broken off.