Flute Fix Piccolos Repairs & Maintenance

Regulation and Adjustment (Setup to good play order)

This requires different levels of attention depending upon the quality of the Piccolo. As a general rule, the more expensive the instrument, the more delicate and time consuming the adjustments will be. Procedures carried out:

Flute Fix Piccolos Repairs & MaintenanceRealignment of keywork where necessary
Some shimming of pads to ensure airtight.
Adjustment of mechanism screws and cork or felts.

Prices start from £45


This procedure should be carried out every one to two years, depending upon use and how well your Piccolo has been cared for. In addition to the procedures listed above a service will also comprise of the following:

Complete strip down of all parts
Thorough clean and polish of all parts including rods and pads
Re-oil key work
Re-tension springs
Replace any damaged pads or corks/felts

Prices start from £85

Complete Overhaul

Flute Fix Piccolos Repairs & MaintenanceAn overhaul will restore your Piccolo to as close to new condition as possible. An overhaul includes all the procedures covered by a Regulation and Adjustment and a Service, along with the following procedures:

Removal of any excessive mechanism movement
Replacement of all pads and corks/felts
Re-cork the crook

Prices start from £160

Extra Work

Re-Corking Joints
Repairing cracks in wood

Prices available upon application