Flute Fix Saxophone Repairs & MaintenanceSaxophonesFlute Fix Saxophone Repairs & Maintenance

Flute Fix Saxophone Repairs & MaintenanceAll repairs undertaken from regulation and adjustment to a complete overhaul / re-build. You should get your Saxophone serviced every one to two years.You will be surprised how much your Saxophone could benefit from an inexpensive annual check and adjustment. Not only will it be easier to play but all the annoying rattles and sticky pads will be gone. Almost any Saxophone can be made playable again so just contact Sally for a quotation. If you cannot get your saxophone to Sally personally for a quotation just send it using a reputable courier service and their standard rate, and mark as fragile. Make sure your Saxophone is not rattling around in it's case and that the case is of good quality.

Regulation and Adjustment (Setup to good play order)

This requires different levels of attention depending upon the quality of the Saxophone. As a general rule, the more expensive the instrument, the more delicate and time consuming the adjustments will be. Procedures carried out:

Realignment of keywork where necessary
Some shimming of pads to ensure airtight. (Sally uses a powerful leak light to check for the smallest of leaks)
Adjustment of mechanism screws and cork or felts.

Prices start from £45

Flute Fix Saxophone Repairs & MaintenanceService

This procedure should be carried out every one to two years, depending upon use and how well your Saxophone has been cared for. In addition to the procedures listed above a service will also comprise of the following:

Complete strip down of all parts
Thorough clean and polish of all parts including rods and pads
Re-oil key work
Re-tension springs
Replace any damaged pads or corks/felts

Prices start from £100

Complete Overhaul

Flute Fix Saxophone Repairs & MaintenanceAn overhaul will restore your Saxophone to as close to new condition as possible. An overhaul includes all the procedures covered by a Regulation and Adjustment and a Service, along with the following procedures:

Removal of any excessive mechanism movement
Replacement of all pads and corks/felts
Re-cork the crook

Prices start from £210

Extra Work

Dent removal
Re-Corking Crook
Spring Replacement

Prices available upon application