How To Use Flute Fix

How To Use Flute FixUsing Flute Fix couldn't be easier just follow the simple instructions below for a hassle and stress free experience. Remember using Flute Fix is only as far as your local Post Office.

Firstly, contact Sally to let her know you're sending your instrument to her.

Ensure your contact details are placed inside your instrument case.

Make sure your instrument is in a good quality case and that the instrument is not moving about. If it is, wedge it still with small bits of bubble wrap or even kitchen roll.

Wrap the case in bubble wrap then good brown paper or place in a small box.

How To Use Flute FixTake your wrapped instrument to your nearest Post Office. Sally would recommend that you send your instrument by Royal Mail Special Delivery. (You can up the insurance quite cheaply).

Once your instrument arrives, Sally will contact you with a quotation for recommended work and repairs.

Upon completion of the work carried out on your instrument but before your instrument is returned, Sally will require payment either by cheque, direct bank payment or via Paypal. Once payment has been received, Sally will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date, the cost of which is covered by Flute Fix.